Business Units

Smelt Self-Service Restaurant

The self-service restaurant is located in the Smelt business building on Dunajska cesta 160 in Ljubljana.

The restaurant can be accessed from the WTC shopping and business centre. The entrance into the restaurant is situated between the post office and pharmacy. Every weekday the restaurant offers a variety of hot meals made from fresh seasonal ingredients from local producers. There is also a large selection of salads in the salad bar. The dishes are prepared daily and are adjusted to our guests’ diverse desires – e.g. vegetarian, gluten-free, fish etc. In case of lack of time, we can prepare a take-away meal. So you will be able to enjoy a warm meal also at your workplace. Reservations for business lunches are also possible.

In the afternoon you can rent the premises for free, should you make use of our services. The premises can be used for seminars, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, product presentations etc. The hall is equipped for audio-video presentations and can accommodate up to 100 people.

There is also a possibility of renting a large amphitheatre-shaped Smelt Hall ensuring a high-quality event with its state of the art audio-video equipment and the capacity for up to 450 people. Parking is available at a nearby multi-storey car park.

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Club Domus Medica

Club Domus Medica is located in the premises of Medical Chamber of Slovenia on Dunajska cesta 162 in Ljubljana

Club Domus Medica performs catering services for various events – e.g. seminars, conferences, product presentation, concerts and other celebrations for up to 250 people. The Club provides restricted-clientele services thereby ensuring full intimacy for your event.

The Passage-Hall provides room for up to 100 guests at a sit-down banquet and up to 200 guests at a stand-up banquet.

The Club itself accommodates up to 70 guests and it is equipped with all the required audio-video gear for all types of events.

In the building of Medical Chamber of Slovenia there is also a large Amphitheatre Hall providing room for up to 250 people. The building has a multi-storey car park.


Smelt Self-Service Restaurant

Dunajska c. 160, 1000 Ljubljana


Club Domus Medica

Dunajska c. 162, 1000 Ljubljana